Thursday, December 9, 2010

Pagkakaibigan ^^

Its almost 430 a.m ... and im still awake ...
Still thinking bout a friend of mine .. well i consider this one as my very bestfriend ... cause we shared everything ..
Not really everything but what i know .. when i need someone to talk with .. he always there .. and for girl like me .. who find it hard to share problem .. i mean .. im that kind of girl who used to be very secretive ... who used to be confused to shared the inner part in me .. but when i get to know with this guy .. i can be the real me whenever i chat or talk with this guy ..
So i shared but not everything with him .. yes ofcourse .. not everything .. cause .. i used to be that way .. but .. much2 better that with anyone else ... 
He text me in msg saying that he had a problems ....he had an argument with his girl .. and somekind a probs with his band ... with his few words , i just knew how he feel at that time ... he's having a hard time ... but what else can i help just to make he feel more calm .. more comfortable ... 
As friend .. i feel the same as he does ... frustrated cause i cant help to find his way out =(
FRIEND .. i always pray the best for you .. wherever u are .. near @ wide far2 away from me .. i always do ..
When Life's Puts U In Tough Situation , Dont Say Why Me , Just Say Try Me !!

* If Lover is like a Moon then friends are like Stars and … Have you Noticed that the Sky can look Beautiful without Moon but not without Stars..

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