Wednesday, December 15, 2010

FrOm Mr Adam

Assalamualaikum ...
Today .. mia received email from very far2 away .. haha .. from UK actually ... A friend of mine =)
Okey .. this email was send by Mr Adam ... i get to know this guy from tag .. actually not come to .. 1 month .. err .. sorry ..  i think less than a week but we can get along very well .. maybe because we do have that kind of chemistry .. so i do feel comfortable to be friend with him .. btw .. he's not really that " mat salleh " .. he actually come from perak .. then imigrated to uk .. sorry mr adam .. correct me if im wrong ... but im not here to tell u guys about this mr adam ...  well .. he do send me the pictures i requested before ... he said there's a nice castle .. not far from his house ... very nice ! .. and i love to share with u guys ... 

p/s : honestly .. the snow caught my eyes ... not the castle ! .. haha

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