Sunday, January 2, 2011

SiLenT MoDe

Today .. im too busy with my stuffs so, im officially anouncing this 'silent mode' .. usually im hyperactive and talkactive ... So when i said im activate this silent mode .. its means vice versa .. and its really seldom to happen . Theres a lot of things to do before this stupid headache kill me ... Well .. today i've got a good news to share with u guys  .. from now on ... im having my own bedroom ... yuuhuuuuu <-- Childish ... That's what i call as privacy XD .. but im gonna miss my two little sisters (two little monsters who love to mess up my stuffs and im the one to be blamed - mom) who used to accompany me before ...



  1. memang best. Itu la masanya untuk JENG JENG JENG... haha.

    Apa lagi. Hias la macam queen castle kan. haha.

  2. huhuhu .. castle ? x mungkin ... aku nk wat cam studio utk jamming .. haha